Hard to believe we’re already heading into the final weekend of the 2012 OVCX Series. It’s been a great year for the series with super turnouts, great racing, and of course, world-class heckling. So there are three big questions for the finale:

  1. Which team will come out on top in the final weekend of heckling?
  2. Who is going to lay claim to the some of the great raffle items?
  3. Which categories are still up for grabs and who are the contenders?

The answers to 1 and 2 will bear themselves out on Sunday.  As for #3, let’s get to a category by category breakdown.

Cat 4 Men 35+

The podium is a done deal: James Frazier, Patrick Bucayu and Mark Miller.  The question is what order?  Anything could happen here.  There is only a 9 point difference from 1st to 3rd.  Frazier has to win the race to guarantee victory as Bucayu’s low scoring race is 4 points worse than his.  This means Bucayu gains 4 points right there putting him only 4 behind and the difference in 1st and 2nd in a race is 7.

Cat 4 Men 45+

John Weber has the series wrapped up, but that’s where the certainty ends.  There are 5 others vying for the final 2 spots on the podium.  Currently 2nd through 5th are occupied by Fred Steinbrecher, Bob Cochrane, John Wheeler and Edward Klus, respectively.  Klus has his work cut out for him to try and get around both Wheeler and Cochrane.  However, the real wildcard here is William McCasland.  McCasland has only done 5 races and would be fighting for the title with Weber had he done 7.  If McCasland shows up odds are he will find his way to the podium.

Single Speed

Sam Dobrozsi and Micah Fritzinger have 1st and 2nd locked up.  The final spot on the podium is up for grabs as Blain Heppner currently holds a 5 point lead over Matt Harbaugh with Harbaugh only having potential pick up 1 point on the drop (his 7th scoring race is 81 points and Blaine’s is 82).  That means Harbaugh must beat Heppner by 4 points in the finale.

Cat 4 Women

Whitnet Burdzilauskas ran away in only 6 races before upgrading and has the title locked up.  Flavia Sancier sits in 2nd and has an 8 point lead on Janet Sherman in 3rd which may be tough to overcome.  However, the spoiler here could be the young teenager Sydney Lach.  She has only done 5 races but currently sits 4th only 28 points behind Sherman and 36 behind Sancier.  Her worst scoring race with the women has been 43 points so odds are she will find her way to the podium, bumping Janet Sherman.  Sherman will need the best race of her year and a lot of help to find her way to the podium if Lach shows up.

Cat 4 Women 35+

Sharlyn Golding and Anne McDonald have 1st and 2nd locked up but the order could change.  McDonald currently sits 5 points behind Golding but can drop a race wirth 3 points less than Goldings drop so the difference could be as small as 2.  However, Golding has won every head to head battle this season so McDonald has her work cut out for her.  The final spot on the podium is where it gets interesting.  At first glance Julie Herrmann appears to have it locked up as she has a 31 point lead on Kathleen Neff.  However, Neff has a 10 pointer in her totals meaning that if she scores at least 41 points (7th place – which she has done in 5 of the 6 races she finished) she could shake things up.  Herrmanns worst counting race is 43 points (5th place) so if Neff finishes in 7th or better she will force Herrmann to finish at least 4th and possibly higher to retain her spot on the podium.  This one could be really close!

Junior Girls 15-18

MaryFrances Sharpshair is the lone competitor, I say she should get all 3 prizes.

Junior Girls 10-12

The podium appears to be set at Amber Payne, MariadePilar Grolmes and Kate Seiler.  The young girls have been at the disadvantage of big junior fields relegating them to the minimum of 8 points in most cases and this is something we are looking at changing for next year.

Junior Boys 10-12

William Bobrow, Thomas Francisco, Nicholas Petrov.  It’s a lock!

Junior Girls 13-14

Sydney Lach has the series wrapped up could make two podiums with the Cat 4 Women being the other.  The final two spots on the podium are Frances Haley and Kate Dietrich, with Dietrich having a chance to pass Haley for 2nd if she can finish 17th or better in the wave if Haly isn’t there.

Junior Boys 13-14

Nicholas Beirne, Enzo Allwein, Dylan Rockwood.  It’s a lock!

Cat 4 Men

Christopher Carissimi has upgraded to the 3′s but left his points behind in hopes of a series title.  That appears to be what will happen unless Erik Paavola can manage a 4th place or better finish in the wave in the finale.  If Paavola does finish 4th or better in Indy, he will grab the title.  The final spot on the podium appears to belong to Tim LaGrange as he has a 9 point lead on Alan Willey with Willey only getting 3 points back on the dropping of his low score compared to LaGrange.  Willey has yet to beat LaGrange by 6 points in a race this year so he’ll need a great race to get by him.  However, don’t overlook Cory Muth down in 9th place as he only has 6 races in and currently sits 43 points behind LaGrange.  Muth scored 48 points this weekend at John Bryan so he is definitely still a podium contender.

Junior Boys 15-18

It’s an all Red Zone podium with Edward Fritzinger, Jedediah Fritzinger and Jackson McNear.  There is a real longshot out there in Corbin Schmitz who currently sits 8th with 6 races  and would need a 1st or 2nd in the wave to try to snatch the 3rd spot on the podium from McNear.

Cat 3 Men 35+

Teammates Robert Sherman and Scott Herrmann of Team Dayton have the top two spots locked up.  The final spot looks like a Sunday battle between Patrick Lach and Butch Farrell.  Lach has a 2 point lead and lower score to drop so the odds are in his favor.  Farrell has won their head to head matchups 6-3 this year and will need to do that again and finish at least 9th in the wave to have any chance.

Cat 2/3 Men 45+

Erik Fagerberg has won 3 races this year and currently holds a 14 point lead on John Wischmeier for the title.  If Wischmeier can recapture the form he showed when he won the first of the Cincy3 races he has a chance at the title.  There is only one way Wischmeier can win the series and that is for him to win the race Sunday and have Fagerberg finish 4th or worse.  John May looks like a lock for 3rd with the only possible threat coming from David Coar down in 8th place but only 6 races in.  Coar would need a 2nd or better finish Sunday to force May to have a good showing and drop his low 58 pointer in favor of a better score to hold Coar off.

Cat 3 Men

Ryan Hubbs and Cory Rusher have the top two spots locked up.  Hubbs has upgraded to the Elites but left his points behind for the series win.  The battle for the final spot could be a good one if Daniel Blandford shows up.  Blandford currently sits one point behind David Rose for the 3rd and final spot on the podium, but Blandford competed in the first 7 races and has not been back since.  He’ll need to show up Sunday and put in a good performance to have a shot at getting around Rose.

U19 Elite Boys

Spencer Petrov, Gavin Haley, Luke Beemer.  It’s a lock!

Elite Women Cat 3

Erika Howard, Alison Delgado, Rebecca Zink.  It’s a lock!

Elite Women 35+

Gerry Schulze, Bridget Donovan, Nicole Borem.  It’s a lock!

Elite Women 1/2

Katie Arnold and Teri Meek have 1st and 2nd locked up respectively.  If AnnaJean Dallaire shows up Sunday and can avoid the mechanicals that have plagued her this year she would finish third in the series even though she would still be including a DNF in her total.  If she doesn’t show up then Elizabeth Cobb, Sierra Siebenlist and Sarah Fredrickson will all battle for the final spot with Cobb being the odds on favorite as she currently holds a 7 point lead on Siebenlist and a 10 point lead on Fredrickson.

U19 Elite Girls

KK Santos, Mackenzie Green, Emily Falk.  It’s a lock!

Elite Men 35+

Rob Kendall and Andy Messer have 1st and 2nd locked up respectively.  Adam Rodkey currently sits 3rd with a 12 point lead on teamate Joshua Prater and a 13 point lead on Mike Hemelgarn.  Prater is coming off back to back 11th place wave finishes and another one of those may be enough to get him by Rodkey.  One thing for sure is Prater must finish 15th or better in the wave or he’s done.  Hemelgarn must finish 11th or better or he’s done and he has yet to do that in the Elite wave so the odds are against him. 

Elite Men 45+

What a battle here.  Mike McShane and Fred Rose have been back and forth this year and McShane pulled back in front by 2 points this past weekend with his 7th place wave finish.  There are tons of scenarios that could play out here but it’s pretty simple for McShane – stay on Rose’s wheel.  If McShane finishes no worse than the spot behind Rose, Rose would have to get 1st or 2nd in the wave to win the series, a very tall order given it’s the finale. 

Elite Men

Chad Tieman currently holds a 3 point lead over Luke Haley, who in turn has a 3 point lead over Shawn Adams.  However, Haley has only done 7 races and will be dropping a much lower score than the other two Sunday (Haley’s low is 67, Adams 73 and Tieman 79).  Haley has to be the ods on favorite to take the series with Adams and Tieman in a dead heat for 2nd and 3rd.  Adams is 6 points behind but can gain 6 points on the dropped scores.  The one wildcard out there is Christopher Bogedin as he only has 6 races in, and could make a run at the podium if he showed up but it’s a longshot.