December 7, 2019Mason, OH
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Race Notes

OVCX Series: This event is part of the 2018 Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series.  For series schedule of events and complete rules & info, please visit OVCX.COM.

Registration:  For racers that miss pre-registration, walk-up registration will be available at the race for an additional $10.  The registration table opens up 2 hours before the start of the first race.  Registration closes for an event 45 minutes before its start.  For optimum start line staging, register early (see "Start Line Staging" below for details).

Chip Timing:  Each rider is provided a free custom OVCX timing chip for the top of their helmet at their first OVCX race they attend.  It should stay on your helmet for the entirety of the OVCX Series.  If yours is lost, the chip must be replaced at a cost of $10. Event results will contain finish times, as well as splits for each lap.

Start Line Staging: All categories scheduled to start at the same time will go off in one wave, with individual categories intermixed.  First to be staged on the line are those that pre-register at least 2 weeks out from the event date, and they will be staged by their ranking.  Next staged will be everyone that pre-registers from 2 weeks out point til the close of pre-registration – and they also will be staged by their ranking.  Those that register on raceday will line up at the back.  This system will work for all combined categories going off the starting line at the same time.  Again, each category will get scored separately as well, and get a podium celebration each day as well as OVCX series points for their category.

Results:  Full results will be posted to USA Cycling within 24 hrs of completion of event, and posted to within 48 hours of event.  Categories will be broken out for OVCX series scoring only; USAC results will have the full wave results (for higher potential USAC ranking points).

OVCX Series Points: Top 3 finishers for each category at the end of the season are recognized at the awards party after the final race at Indy CycloPlex in Indianapolis December 4th.  Each race participant earns points, and their best 7 finishes are calculated for their overall score at the end of the season. EXCEPTION: Elite men and elite women will only count 6 toward series overall score. This is due to the UCI race exclusion from the series totals.

Series Raffle: Tradition holds that there will be raffle following the final races at the final event, this year at Major Taylor in Indianapolis. To qualify for the raffle it is required to participate in 8 out of 13 events. You must start the race to get credit towards one of your 8 races.



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